Woodcreek High School


Woodcreek Cheer 2020 - 2021

All dates and locations below are tentative and subject to change especially as we navigate these uncertain times. Woodcreek Cheer will follow the direction of our county, district and school and will cancel any event below as dates approach.

Please check back often for the most current information.

UPDATED 7/14/20: With cases on the rise, we are no longer able to return with our original plan to practice in pods. We will still return virtually via Zoom on July 20th . Our practices will happen virtually until we get clearance to meet in person  from the county and district. We will follow all guidelines provided to us as the season goes on.


Our athletes are currently reading "The Power of a Positive Team"

by Jon Gordon at practice. I encourage athletes that are interested

to purchase a copy for note making and as a reference for the

entire season.

Summer Camp at the end of July has been cancelled by the Universal Cheerleaders Association and at this time we have decided not to rebook an overnight summer camp as there are limited options available and even those are listed as most likely being cancelled. We are still looking into options to have instructors come to practice during the season and opportunities for our athletes to bond like they would at camp. A possible Home Camp could be in the works!


The break from end of  June - mid  July will still be honored with the hopes some people are able to still enjoy the plans they have made earlier in the year. Once a week during that time though, athletes will be asked to submit a video requested by the coaches to ensure we are still keeping up our skills and strength.


The school has updating their athletic clearance system for physicals  to Home Campus and it can be accessed at  https://www.rjuhsd.us/domain/823

There are instructions at this link on how to fill out the new forms. I would recommend reading the directions prior to visiting the doctors to ensure physical is done correctly. EVERY ATHLETE MUST COMPLETE A NEW PHYSICAL. Physicals are to be turned in by out July 20th return date in hopes we can practice in person by then. 



There are constant meetings at all levels to determine what can stay the same and what modifications need to be made for the safety of our athletes and their families. We will try to stick to our vision that was announced at our March meeting of Sidelines during Football and Basketball and our own competitions. As we learn more about how those will be conducted we will let everyone know. It’s not normal for a lot of emails to go out from Woodcreek Cheer after the first month or so but in light of our current situation we will do our best to keep you informed through email and our website. Please always check all pages of the website to answer any questions first before reaching out to the coaching staff or board.